I really wanted pasta but crowded restaurants everywhere in Trinoma hindered me to go to those well known pasta places. I am tired of searching and guess what, I ended up on Trinoma's Mindanao lobby.

I am choosing between UCC and Parvati. I ate before at UCC and I find the food there is overrated. Their one cup of chamomile tea's price is equivalent to Grande of Starbucks! Looking at the menu, it looks delicious and big but on actual it really isn't. End of rant.

I chose to eat at Parvati.

Parvati logo sign

Parvati store front

They have a whole line of homemade desserts. Correct me if I'm wrong, I think Parvati is a consignment desserts shop.

I think the reception's isn't air conditioned well 

I browsed the menu but I what I am searching anything pasta.

Parvati philippines menu

They have half portion and whole size. I ordered the half portion of Pasta Alla Carbonara. and Hot Chocolate. I ordered half portion thinking that I cannot finish the whole size.

While waiting, I took shots of the nice decoration there.

I tried their wi-fi and it's fast. I never got bored while waiting. Finally, the waitress served the food.

Parvati Pasta Alla Carbonara

Looks big huh. I'll show you a farther view.

Carbonara and Chocolate eating

The half portion size is really a half portion for a single person while in other restaurants, a whole portion is for two persons and a half is enough for a person.

Bits of chocolate on the cup rim makes the drink delicious but it is expensive for a P90 value. I think it will be better if it is between P60-P75.

Regarding the pasta, I like that the pasta's not too creamy and I really like it. You can taste the cream and it has many bacon bits and for a P160 value, the price is okay but will be cheaper if you ordered for the whole size.

Upon billing, the waitress thanked me. Also, the shop doesn't have service charge. The price on the menu is "as is".

Rating: 3.5/5
because of the price considering its small space. Free wi-fi, courteous staff and delicious food is what this restaurant can offer.   :)

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