I ate at Kichitora of Tokyo last December or maybe I would say last year.

Because of the ramen craze. I eagerly tried different japanese restaurants and post reviews at my first official blog: sarisaringisip

Since I frequently post food reviews, I decided to build this new blog.

End of the commercial break.

I am craving again for ramen and this time, I tried to read reviews about Ramen Santouka and those convinced me to try the ramen there. After I finished my work and  before riding the MRT, I decided to eat at Santouka Ramen located at Glorietta 4.

Kichitora of Tokyo is located Greenbelt 5 but since it is already 9 pm when I arrived there, I decided to finally go to Santouka.

There are many people waiting inside. Since I have the determination when it comes to ramen and I am second in their line up, I stayed and waited patiently.

Ramen Santouka

Ramen Santouka menu

Ramen Santouka menu

Ramen Santouka toppings

Ramen Santouka branches

 As you can see, those ramens have regular, small and large sizes. Finally, I decided to order Shoyu ramen (Soy sauce ramen). While waiting for table and seat, the waitress handed me the order slip. I like how the staff is sincerely waiting and calling for customers whenever the tables become vacant.

When I had my table, I handed the order slip to the waitress. While waiting, I took pics of the restaurant's interior even the place is crowded.

On my last food review about Kichitora of Tokyo, I ordered the Shoyu ramen so I'll introduce you to the prices first.

Ramen Santouka prices
(L) Santouka Ramen price vs (R) Kichitora of Tokyo ramen price

Kichitora's price is 320 pesos for a large bowl while Santouka's regular and large bowl are 330 and 390 pesos. Both have 10% service charge.
Ramen Santouka Philippines review
I ordered a regular bowl

Ramen Santouka ramen review
 Their shoyu ramen is composed of bamboo shots, onion springs, seaweed, naruto (spiral condiment) chashu(s)/round pork meat.

Noddles are thick and chashu is also thick

Yum :P

Here's the comparison

Ramen Santouka versus Kichitora shoyu ramen
On the left corner, Santouka Ramen shoyu ramen. On the right, Kichitora of Tokyo shoyu ramen
Kichitora's shoyu ramen has an additional pechay (chinese white cabbage). You will feel the literal taste of soy sauce on the dish that's why I added spices for balance.

Santouka's shoyu ramen has thicker noodles and thicker chashu. It disappoints me that there's no little bit of fat on the chashu but overall, I find this really delicious.

It's judgment time!

For staff and service, Santouka Ramen is better.

For this match, I declare Santouka Ramen as the winner.

But overall, Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se is still my whole time favorite. I visited Kichitora of Tokyo twice already because of this.

Both are worth trying for!

Soon, I'll try to share my Taisho ramen or any other ramen under P300 experiences.

Kichitora of Tokyo
2F Mega Atrium, SM Megamall
2F Glorietta 5

Kichitora's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KichitoraPH

Ramen Santouka
Address: G/F, Glorietta 4, Hotel Dr, Makati
Phone:(02) 728 1381

Sunday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm 

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