Taisho Ramen review: SM North Edsa Sky Garden

I would like to share my first hand (also tongue :P) experience in tasting their well known Traditional Fresh Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen.

Taisho ramen review

I am a fan of Rai Rai Ken for the affordable quality ramen but recently, no more Rai Rai Ken in SM North. Upon reaching the sky garden, I saw the newly opened ramen place and prices are cheaper than P200 so I gave it a try.

Taisho ramen paper placemat

Having a ground pepper,sort of chili sauce,red pepper and a crusher make adding spices and tasting easier. I can only read the first kanji "大” Tai which is related to great,big and large. Taisho 大将 means general but I think in this restaurant, they are referring also to master. Hmm... sounds nice huh. Taisho ramen. General ramen or Master ramen,

Taisho ramen's Hakata Tonkotsu

Although the egg wasn't fully boiled. The chashu and sesame seeds were the saving graces. The chashu even with less fat tastes good and the meat is not too thin nor too thick like in Santouka Ramen and not having much fat like in Kichitora of Tokyo even though I like the chashu in Kichitora .  

 I tried the crusher but it isn't really a crusher, It's an extractor or a squeezer. The juice of the red pepper came out. My meal was complete. I cannot stop eating. I emptied the whole bowl and felt satisfied.

For a P195 ramen, it's really sulit! I ate at this restaurant two times already but on my third time, their prices change. I asked the staff why is there a price increase. The reason for this is the last price was for promotion. Too bad :( . Anyway, their recent price is P235 for this quality ramen and it is still cheaper compared to other ramen restaurants. It still has no service charge. I would also like to try Rai Rai Ken again. This Saturday, I will go back again to this restaurant, Taisho Ramen.

Rating: 4/5

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