a rose from Cantinetta restaurant

I really did not expect to eat at Cantinetta, Burgos Circle.

On a Valentine's Day, I am going to have a dinner with my family on Shi Lin using my 500 pesos for 1000 peso-value voucher from Groupon.  Since the dinner will be tonight, while having an office break and looking for lunch alone, I stumbled upon restaurants in Burgos Circle. I know that restaurants here are more expensive than the other western parts (business district) of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and employees are too scared to enter this restaurants because of the so called scary or expensive menu items. As many employees said: "Don't be hungry here, if you do, you'll become poor".

I am glad that Shi Lin wasn't too expensive even it's located on BGC. Aside from convenience stores, I find that on restaurants or cafe category , Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Serenitea are the cheapest in Burgos Circle area. Bugsy's used to be one of the cheapest but price increase occurred so it's out now.

I want to eat at Wrong Ramen but I'll wait as customer #6 so I told the staff: "Thanks! but I'll look for another". She smiled after that instead of ignoring me as if nothing happened kind of scenario. My backup plan is to eat pasta instead of ramen. Then, I saw this Italian restaurant called Cantinetta.

Since I was alone, I am shy to take the picture of their front store. Below is their front store by night. During the day, the sign is of color red/orange.

picture from Cantinetta's facebook page
There are only a few people dining inside. I was wearing a shirt, leggings and rubber shoes instead of a semi formal beautiful dress but who cares, I don't look like a street kid and I want to try this out. I took a brave step to come here in this resto and look for Cantinetta's menu or price list.

I ordered for Fettuccine Tartufo for Php 550 (a service charge of 10% will also be added upon bill out). I was still wondering if the serving size will be just enough for one or only a half like in Parvati. While waiting, the waiter served me these:

After spreading the grey spread on the bread (slight tongue twister :P), I tasted it on its own. It tastes like liver spread. I asked the waiter about its name and then he said it's chicken liver. He asked me politely if I like it. Then, I said Yes with a smile. I also tried the tomato spread one and still it's delicious but I find the chicken liver more addicting that I ate it again on its own.

Larger than average fork and knife
I forgot to be curious if this rose on every table (including mine) is only for Valentines Day or not.

rose set at Cantinetta

At a moderate waiting time, here it is, the Fettuccine Tartufo,

Eating Fetuccine Tartufo

I think this pasta can be shared by a couple since it's Valentines. It has mushrooms, ham, garnish leaves that I don't know what it is called but I am sure it is not parsley, and bread. The fettuccine pasta is more on a brown color and also same with the sauce.

Upon tasting, I like this creamy sauce and this is more delicious and cheaper than pasta from Mary Grace where pasta price ranges from Php 400-Php 500 inside a cramped, small cafe.

I can taste the mushrooms. The pasta has many ham slices which is good for me Well, I am a pasta lover. I can finish Cantinetta's pasta leaving a clean plate. While dining, the waiter gave me a rose. Even the rose is somewhat ready to wither, I appreciated it and took it outside after eating.

I am happy and satisfied. You can have a date in this restaurant at night. For employees, if you plan for a romantic dinner or group date. It's not bad to try this out.

Rating: 5/5

Cantinetta, Burgos Circle - Taguig
Burgos Circle, Forbes Town Center, 29 St. Rizal Drive, The Fort
Taguig City, Metro Manila
Su, M, T, W, Th, F, Sa: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

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