Update as of 7/5/2014:

I decided to visit again this Brickfire branch, June 29, 2014. to see if this issue did really reach to the owners of Brickfire. The manager listened to my follow-up in regards to the incident. Tonight, I received an email from one of the owners himself and I am glad that they took an action already about my issue. In my response, I gave additional suggestions and thanked the owner at the end. I am still considering eating there again. :)

Update as of 5/19/2014: 

I am very happy that the incident has been addressed by the management.  This is the reply from their email:

Good afternoon Ma'am. 
After investigating what happened, we found out that you were actually talking to one of our OJTs. 

Our staff have names embroidered in their uniform, as seen in the picture below: 


(I didn't post the 2nd picture because it's a full name ^^)

The OJT has been addressed by the owner himself. We will report the incident to their school directly. 

Thank you. 

I admit that I didn't notice that Brickfire's staff have their names embroidered since the OJT mean girl wore a black top, not a uniform. I thought she's a regular staff there at that time.

I think I can promote Brickfire again for their management and ethics improvement. Their action is enough for me to think that Brickfire management really cares for their customers.

Yey! :)

5/9/2014 (Here's the incident if you want to know) or you can read my first post for my original review.

BEWARE! "Ugly people" aren't welcome!!!"

I hope Brickfire Management will hire not just skillful (are they?) but polite staff. 

Around 8pm at Brickfire SM North EDSA Annex, I am so disappointed with Brickfire because anyone who are let's say physically and intellectually challenged aren't welcome in this restaurant. I just mispronounced the word Duke and I understand that someone will not avoid to snicker and laugh but instead of politely correcting me or for them to stay on the kitchen and release what they feel about the funny situation, the fair skinned lady with colored brown hair laughed and whispered to the other staff about it. They didn't show respect so when I ordered the Duke and they took my order, I just waited in a minute where I thought they prepared my order and left the restaurant in irritation ( I don't know if they really did prepare my order. Also, I've lost my appetite because of my frustration). I don't want to be the next "amalayer" where the video taken wasn't really complete and I don't want to be a notorious sensation that's why this is the way I can share my disappointment.

My first post:

We will be having a celebration back then. I searched for credit card promos and good thing, Eastwest bank offers a promo that orders reaching a minimum single receipt purchase of P1000 at Brickfire Oven-Roasted Steaks & Chops, you'll receive either Seafood chowder or Cheesy Nachos and fries.

I really love steaks with vegetables and mashed potato or rice but the regular prices hindered me to eat at steak restaurants. I am content eating tenderloin even if it isn't really made of US or Wagyu beef. I am not a fan of bistek tagalog due that I can cook this in our house.

Expecting lots of people on our celebration day, I called Brickfire SM North Edsa branch to have our reservation. Our celebration day comes and I ordered Cowgirl Annie (Brickfire's version of T-bone steak) and others ordered Duke (Brickfire's version of tenderloin steak).

All orders will be subject to 10% service charge. We're happy that our dinner is sulit. Better to buy here than steaks at Pancake house. We tried the P99 steaks before but these ones are more decent.

Brickfire Angus Beef menu

Eating Cheesy Nachos and fries
We chose Cheesy Nachos and Fries. Yummy and cheesy :P
Here comes the dishes but honestly, the service in Brickfire is mediocre, they didn't serve tissues and utensils if you didn't ask. I'm glad that when I ate there again last week, their service was good.

Cowgirl Annie
Cowgirl Annie at P309 including lemonade/other drinks
I chose rice instead of mashed potato. I envied my sisters when I saw the Duke.

Eating the Duke (tenderloin steak)
Cowgirl Annie at P335 including lemonade/other drinks
The Cowgirl Annie is delicious but hard to slice and also hard to chew. The Duke is what I really like. If sliced, you can see the red meat within. Prices here are reasonable. When I returned again last week in Brickfire, I ordered Duke instead of the former one.

I almost forgot to share this pic of tasty pesto.

Brickfire storefront

Quality of steaks are better than I expected for the affordable price range category. Service is okay though. Thank goodness that they offer promos. 


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