Eating Army Navy crunchy fast food french fries

More than once in our lives where we have taken home, take out or "to go" fast food french fries. I heard from my sister that Army Navy freedom fries are still crunchy even if you have not eaten it for hours.

We know that fast food french fries are full of preservatives but since we are sometimes on a hurry, we tend to order these and speaking of french fries, we don't want to hurriedly eat it so Army Navy french fries is a must food for small amount eaters. We also take french fries as pasalubong and we don't want to take home french fries which are soggy and not tasty anymore.

Behold! Army Navy's freedom fries is coming to the rescue!

Eating Army Navy's crispy fries

The Freedom fries is long. I know that the fries is too brown compared to popular fast food chains but the taste is somewhat spicy yet delicious and crispy. It's a bit oily though. Army Navy freedom fries costs 75 pesos.  I am not a promoter of Army Navy but adding an additional small amount for long lasting french fries would not hurt for your pocket.

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