Front of Boqueria SM Megamall

We celebrated our father's birthday at SM Megamall. We dined at Boqueria Restaurante Chocolateria, a restaurant serving Spanish cuisine or let's say a Spanish restaurant. We were five on that day because my other sister went overseas.

My youngest sister suggested that we eat at a Spanish restaurant instead of a Japanese one although my father also likes Japanese but his most favorite is Chinese. Boqueria can be found at SM Megamall's newly built fashion hall.

We all looked on the Boqueria menu:

We decided to order all at once. Sopa de Cocido (Php 198), Chicharrones (Php 198), Paella Marinera (Php 368), Lengua Estofada (php 398), Paella Queso Manchego (Php 398) , and the last one that I forgot the price and the original dish name but it is a fish fillet with clams and mussels.

Boqueria has a cute glass. Lucky for the supplier.
While waiting, we were sharing stories and taking pictures. The serving time is not too slow. Just an average for a formal dining restaurant about 15-20 minutes.

Sipping Boqueria Sopa De Cocido

Peas inside the soup aside from angel hair pasta and broth
Sopa de Cocido was first served together with bread. The soup looks boring but whenever you dipped the bread to the soup or pour the soup to the bread, the taste will be like eating a pizza.

Next is Chicharrones, one of all time pinoy favorites.

Eating Chicharrones

The chicharrones itself is really delicious like eating a crispy liempo (pork belly). Below the pile of chicharrones, there is a little bit of sweet sauce together with vinegar which is a good combination. The vinegar dip tastes like.. vinegar, just a normal vinegar.

The remaining dishes were served altogether. I'll describe each dish.

Eating Boqueria Lengua Estofada

Aside from chicharrones, Lengua Estofada is what our family is really craving for.

Scooping rice in Boqueria Paella Marinera

Paella Marinera tastes like tomato sauce. Thanks for the seafoods that this paella comes to life.

Displaying Paella Queso Manchego

Paella Queso Manchego is salty in a good way because I love cheese. This is recommended for cheese lovers. But while eating it for a longer time. It's not special compared to other restaurants.

Here are the other shots to give you more clues about these dishes:

Eating Boqueria fish fillet
Fish fillet with clams. It's too late to eat the mussels. My family ate the mussels already

Paella Marinera and Lengua Estofada
After eating all the dishes, my eldest sister ordered the Chocolate Churros (Php 190 for 3 pcs.).

Boqueria Churros dipped in chocolate

Eating and biting Churros

The chocolate dip tastes like cocoa not like the sweetened chocolate or hershey's or any branded chocolate. The churros have the exact sweetness. Those are yummy to eat while hot.

My eldest sister and my mother only enjoyed the chocolate churros. For me I enjoyed all except the Queso Manchego where I feel that I can make this or buy it on other restaurants. Boqueria has 10% service charge.

Thanks to my sister! She treated us for our dinner celebration!

I hope they can lower the prices on their dishes. Like for example, 325 instead of 368 or 380. I think it's expensive and the prices will be justifiable if those dishes are served in a five star hotel by hotel chefs. The restaurant has WiFi and I forgot to try it. At the same time, I don't know if the WiFi is for customers or for employees only.

The staff were greeting customers in Spanish.  They are polite and friendly. The ambiance is good. It exudes the modern Spanish mansion aura.


3/F SM Mega Mall Fashion Hall, SM Megamall
  • 0917 578 0067

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