Ecostore's echocafe at Centris walk

Having a lunch break, I walked at Centris Walk, Quezon Avenue. (No pun intended).

I already ate at Uncle Cheffy, Ramen X and Pancake House. I would like to try something new. Then, I decided to try the EchoStore at Centris.

I love the products from EchoStore and I love their advocacy just as like as Human Heart Nature. They were not only selling beauty and cleaning products but they also help Filipinos working in the agricultural industry to make a living. Their products are not only organic but also environment friendly.

I don't have a clue about the food they serve on their restaurant.

Looking at the echocafe menu

I expect that food here is good since I like their products. Also, check out these blogs for Echostore product reviews: (I am not associated with these blogs)

Many people were eating inside. I have managed to take a decent shot of their small store.

Looking at the mini echo store.

The store has a free WiFi. I asked the staff about the password, tried to connect using my iPad mini and upon using the internet, the connection was pretty good and not too slow.

echocafe menu price list

 There are cakes displayed at the front of echocafe's counter and anyone can order per slice. I did not take a picture of it because I just saw the mini cctv camera in front of the counter and it's awkward for me alone to take a picture of it. While looking at the echocafe menu, I cannot decide if I will order pasta or main dish with rice. Soon, I decided to go for Homemade Tapa (Filipino dish - dried or cured beef).

Too bad I have lost the receipt while writing this review. Anyway, I'll just proceed to do the review and to share to you if the price is really justifiable for this meal.

The meal comes with free coffee. Oh no! I have an acid reflux and I don't want to drink coffee so I asked the waitress if can I have a coffee freebie alternative. I am glad that I can have peppermint tea as alternative.

The hot echocafe peppermint tea was served first.

Drinking peppermint tea

The peppermint tea tastes like peppermint (of course!) and unlike other peppermint teas, this one is really soothing my throat and the intestines. I felt good drinking it.

While waiting for the tapa, I surfed the net using my iPad mini. Finally after about 15 minutes, the echocafe homemade tapa was served.

eating echocafe homemade tapa

I noticed that the echocafe homemade tapa's serving was small but the rice's serving was adequate for one person. Well, I'll eat it anyway and see if the tapa is really good.

Upon tasting, the tapa was delicious and somewhat sweet but the tapa pieces were sticking to each other. The quality of this tapa is like ranging from 100 pesos to 175 pesos. Yes it was delicious but I think it's expensive. 

Overall, I like the peppermint tea. About the tapa, it was delicious but not for this price range. I'd rather eat at cheaper tapa eateries.

Rating: 3/5 thanks for the peppermint tea.

Centris walk
ETON Mall, EDSA corner Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
Centris 7097800 (Centris QC)
901.3485/ 5763703(Market) /Podium store 4702688/

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