Eating a set of mini puddings

March 1, 2014 - As I went inside Trinoma to go to Family lounge, I got curious on what's going on the ground floor's activity center. There are several clothes stores and a mini food fair. I became impulsed on buying clothes there but after looking, I haven't bought one because I don't like the cotton/fabric quality of these clothes and I can just buy these kinds in Novaliches Bayan for a cheaper price.

Upon going exit, I saw women trying desserts samples from the lady seller on the table. She is nice in accommodating those women. I saw that she sells puddings. I had tasted her red velvet and some pudding samples. I like the taste of it. At Food Republiq, the single bigger than the picture above pudding costs P 75. There is also a 2 piece set available but I forgot the price while the 12 piece set of mini puddings costs P300. I asked the lady if what's the shelf life of these puddings. She said that it is still edible for 1 week. Too bad they don't have a store here but anyway, I am the type to buy "pasalubong" for my family and I want to taste all these puddings, I bought the P300 set. Let's see if the taste is like on the samples and if it will melt easily or not.

Puddings that I bought recently

The time I just bought this Food Republiq puddings..

After strolling the mall for 2 hours and arrived to home from commuting within an hour. 

Even if it doesn't melt, I placed this in a refrigerator. After that, we ate it. What can we say is some are delicious some are just bland. The most delicious here are the red velvet, the chocolate with marshmallows, the chocolate pudding on the highest first row/first column from the right side and the pudding on the second row/second column from the right side. 

Overall, for the price of P300, it is expensive. Delicious but not as delicious as other desserts for that price range. It is better to just buy a single one or a 2 piece set.

Rating: 3/5

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