Made in Candy reviewing

Thank goodness! No one is still playing "I want candy" by Aaron Carter.

I am not a fan of candies except for Potchi and gummy bears. When we passed the "Made in Candy" store in SM Megamall, my friend Mallix mentioned that candies there are really good.

I hesitated at first because these are rock candies but hey, I just wanna see how candy artisans make candies.

Sadly, pictures of them making candies were gone. Well, thanks to Mallix of Nendo Shelf that he provided pictures captured by his DSLR and for introducing Made in Candy to us. 

Everyone can choose bottled or packed candies. I bought a P100 small pack containing assorted candies.

Bought a made in candy from Philippines

Bought a made in candy from Philippines
I like the taste of brown candies
My Made in Candy review begins here:
What I really like with the packaging is everyone can decide if they can eat the candies later by zipping the packaging again with the help of the built in zip lock.

Eating Made in Candy

Upon chewing the candy, the design and flavor are still there inside. 

Made in Candy Philippines

One assumes that assorted candies in a single pack taste the same but nope, candies here taste different.
All the candies tasted good. If ever I'll pick one, my favorite candy is the cola (brown candies). 

I browsed their FB page and I found out that Made In Candy started the fun in Singapore and this rock candy kitchen has spread its sweetness in other countries.

Eating Made in Candy candies will be more fun if shared to your loved ones :)


Made in Candy official site
Made in Candy PH
Made in Candy SG
Bought Hurom juicer in Trinoma Philippines

Everyone in Manila is raving about this juice cleanse diet. Known personalities promote this product. Almond milk can also be made using this Hurom slow Juicer.

Many are asking if why do you have to buy an expensive juicer instead of just eating these fruits and veggies raw?

For us especially my sister who actually bought this product, it is best to buy a quality home juicer because you can get the real juice and you can drink 10 carrots in one sitting instead of eating these one by one. It is also convenient to take out a bottle of juice instead of bringing 20 fruits and 20 veggies to your office or school. The juicer can be used in making recipes.

Click the photos to enlarge.

Using hurom juicer philippines review

There are cheaper juicers out there but on this Hurom Slow Juicer review, we will see what this product can actually do that some juicers cannot. 

Here's the fancy demo. Just skip at 1:25:

My eldest sister finally bought the Hurom Slow Juicer here in Trinoma, Philippines. We will show you the actual in this 7 second video.

While juicing watermelons.

At first we put fruit slices one by one but as the time goes by, we just put 1-3 slices (depending on the size) every 2 seconds. We did not wait too long to put another one.

Here's my observation of the Hurom juicer process:

Assembling hurom slow juicer spare electrical parts

The canister-like blade's sharp side is on the inner part while anyone can freely touch the outer part without being hurt.
This will make the black spiral turn around

When fruits/veggies are going down in this part, the sharp side grinds/cuts the fruits and then the fruit's skin and ground seeds will be strained and goes out of the juicer.

 With the help of the black spiral-like thingy, the juice will flow to the glass. Simple and nice job from Hurom's research and development team.

For these 11 small apples (others aren't seen in this photo), I can make more than 500ml of juice drink.

Tip: you can slice the fruits and store it on a refrigerator until cold so you can have a cold and more delicious drink instead of slicing and juicing it first.

It is worth to buy hurom slow juicer

The bottle can hold up to 1.5 liters of liquid.

Drinking fruits from hurom juicer

Juicing done. I can just get some of the juice and store these on my small bottle on the go.

Hurom juicer pros:

- Can juice veggies and fruits more than any other juicers
- Even broccoli and pineapple can be juiced. In case of pineapples and kiwis, another canister-like blade must be used which is included when buying hurom slow juicer
- Can buy this juicer through installment method
- Minimizes nutrients loss
- Hurom can extract the sweetness of raw apples, oranges or carrots

Hurom juicer cons:

- Way expensive around Php 14000 - Php 15000 
- Cleaning the blade is not a breeze but also not difficult. It depends on the pulp
- I hope Hurom will have a product like Jack LaLanne's power juicer where you don't need to slice fruits

Overall, investing on the best juicer is the best move to be healthy. It's better to pay Hurom slow juicer's price than spending on cheap and unhealthy foods where you'll have a disease in the future which usually begins in age group of 30s. 

Rating for this product: 

Eating Soy garlic and non greasy fried chickens

Are there other chickens that taste like Chicken Bonchon? Actually yes, there are.

I was not able to update my blog last week due that I switched departments recently. I know that I just gave up my "work from home privilege" from my previous very lazy department but I want to experience and learn the ways of managing and assuring quality of company's operations as in about the local expenses, concessionaire, DENR, shuttle, business continuity plan, etc. I don't want to be stuck on a dead end job. I switched from a lazy job to a moderate and sometimes no idle time corporate job. This is my 3rd switch within my current company. Luckily, I don't need to render overtime and they also provided me a phone for business use. I will be 3 years working in this company if I'll stay here until September.

Eating Bonchon's soy garlic chicken

Eating Bonchon's soy garlic chicken

Eating Bonchon's chapchae
Bonchon's chapchae was served hot! I like this compared to other korean noodles because it is not oily and not too greasy.

Okay, back to the beloved Bonchon fried chicken. Recently, as we see, Bonchon is now building several branches. Others even sprung up on malls within small cities even in our town inside SM Novaliches. I love Bonchon. It boasts the sweet, salty, non greasy, light and crispy fried chickens. Even chicken thighs are smaller compared to the usual fast food chains, these chickens have more meat than bones.

I have visited many Soy garlic chicken restaurants. Chicken & Beer in Burgos Circle, Taguig is really good but aarghh... too expensive because it is a formal bar and dine in restaurant. 

I'll enumerate my Top 3 Bonchon alternatives/substitutes or soy garlic chicken fastfood restaurants in Metro Manila. This review is based on 2 pieces of chicken with rice meals.

3) Manang's
Eating manang's soy garlic chicken

Eating manang's soy garlic chicken  2

Some say this is a rip-off of Chicken Bonchon or any korean fried chicken. 
For me, curiosity striked me again and I would like to have a taste of this chicken and know if it exceeds the crispiness and quality of Bonchon. I ate a meal at Manang's chicken in SM North Annex. The ambiance of this restaurant is no match with others. Kinda like Mang Inasal or any ordinary fast food restaurant ambiance.

I must say that the original dip blending with the chicken topped with sesame seeds is really good. Manang's fried chicken is crispy. The original dip tastes like marinade mix. Manang's delicious taste depends more on the original dip than on its chicken skin. What I like in Manang's is you can taste the marinade inside and not only on the crispy skin. If you like dry chicken this is not for you and Bonchon tastes better than this. If you love sauces and dips, this is really good.

The price of 2 piece chicken with rice (no drink) is 139 pesos. 

Click here to visit Manang's Chicken website.
Delivery, click here.


Eating 4fingers' soy garlic chicken

Eating 4fingers' soy garlic chicken  with drink

Eating 4fingers' soy garlic chicken

2.) 4Fingers Crispy Chicken
Inside SM North, I got a glimpse of this restaurant while walking to Watson's. 

I like this more than Chicken Bonchon. Chickens are bigger and ambiance looks sophisticated. You can taste the chicken soy garlic inside and out.

The meal including drink costs 149 pesos. Yes, it is the same price of Bonchon's 2-piece chicken meal but hey! Try this and I'm sure you'll not regret it. Branches are located in SM Aura, SM Mall of Asia and SM North EDSA. 

4Fingers official website
4Fingers facebook page


The last and my most favorite:

Eating Chicken Charlie's soy garlic chicken

1.) Chicken Charlie

Like Manang's, it started also in Manila. It started before Manang's was introduced to the market. The Chicken Charlie logo is cute. Upon dining in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) branch, I never expected that this restaurant in a posh place offers cheap meals as low as 59 pesos.

The chickens' color is lighter in actual than in this picture. The chicken tastes really good same as Bonchon.

Price is cheaper than Manang's. It costs 138 pesos with root beer or any softdrink already included.

Chicken Charlie's site
Chicken Charlie's delivery


I hope this Bonchon, Manang's, Chicken Charlie and 4Fingers food and restaurant review helps. :)