Made in Candy reviewing

Thank goodness! No one is still playing "I want candy" by Aaron Carter.

I am not a fan of candies except for Potchi and gummy bears. When we passed the "Made in Candy" store in SM Megamall, my friend Mallix mentioned that candies there are really good.

I hesitated at first because these are rock candies but hey, I just wanna see how candy artisans make candies.

Sadly, pictures of them making candies were gone. Well, thanks to Mallix of Nendo Shelf that he provided pictures captured by his DSLR and for introducing Made in Candy to us. 

Everyone can choose bottled or packed candies. I bought a P100 small pack containing assorted candies.

Bought a made in candy from Philippines

Bought a made in candy from Philippines
I like the taste of brown candies
My Made in Candy review begins here:
What I really like with the packaging is everyone can decide if they can eat the candies later by zipping the packaging again with the help of the built in zip lock.

Eating Made in Candy

Upon chewing the candy, the design and flavor are still there inside. 

Made in Candy Philippines

One assumes that assorted candies in a single pack taste the same but nope, candies here taste different.
All the candies tasted good. If ever I'll pick one, my favorite candy is the cola (brown candies). 

I browsed their FB page and I found out that Made In Candy started the fun in Singapore and this rock candy kitchen has spread its sweetness in other countries.

Eating Made in Candy candies will be more fun if shared to your loved ones :)


Made in Candy official site
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