My stand on this meme is.. Grimace is scaring the kids....NOT.

Before we start to discuss about Grimace, I would like to share to you how grateful I am to my parents especially to my mom this Mother's Day. We had our pre-mother's day celebration yesterday at Hanamaruken, Trinoma.

Better if we're complete. I'm at the edge facing my mom. My hair is naturally wavy. I'll have a rebond or brazilian blowout soon
I watched my 1st birthday video earlier today and I just saw again how young everyone was in the video including my beautiful mom. 

I thank mom for all the good things she had done to me. She didn't only gave me a life but a really WONDERFUL Life, She's hard-working and I admire her.

Yeah, so back to the Grimace story. I'll gonna share the story on how every kid loves Grimace. Everyone's debating what sort of thing Grimace is. Just click this for more info since I myself think he looks like an ube (Philippine delicacy).

This McDonald's Manuela branch was located near SM Megamall. At present, I have no news if this McDo branch still exists.

These screencaps were from a VCD copy of my 1st birthday celebration which was recorded back then by a video camera and transferred to a betamax tape. Well, I feel old already. 

children welcoming grimace

Welcome Grimace!

grimace playing with children

While having a picture taking
Grimace staring

grimace scaring kids

Okay, I have no idea why I cried back then every time I see Grimace while kids are enjoying playing with him. I was the only one who's scared at that time. (Okay, the meme above is really true in my case ^^ )

grimace dancing

Grimace can sway while holding these kids. Aww. I want to get in a time machine and receive hugs from this Grimace mascot.

grimace in a cage

Please tell me if this cage-like place still exists in playgrounds.

Grimace released

Whoa! Grimace did not need to exert effort going out of the cage.

Grimace mcdo campaign philippines

Grimace waves goodbye to the children

Oh what a nostalgic experience, watching a puppet show during children's party and playing games especially the still popular "bring me". Well, I love Grimace now. Unlike Ronald McDonald who undergoes several changes from being a scary clown, funny clown and now, into a cute mascot, Grimace is really unchangeable and lovable where this clumsy and friendly monster doesn't need to alter his style and image to fit the market.

Do you think Grimace is a wonderful fast food mascot? Is he underrated or overrated? What are your thoughts? Share these on the comments section below.