Delimondo owned by Enrile

Long long time ago... I'm very busy and now I'm back. Tonight's entry is about the Delimondo corned beef. I guess many will wonder why on earth did I include Juan "Tanda" Ponce Enrile in this food review. Well, the latest news, ( I don't think there is a word called "newest news") is an opportunity for me to have a motivation to write this.

Corned beef is being consumed both by the rich and the masses. Many brands of corned beef are available everywhere but with this one, I can only see this being sold in Trinoma Landmark and other "sosyal" grocery chains such as Rustan's, Cherry Foodarama, etc. Enlighten me if I'm wrong, no one can buy this on biggest food chains. I did not see even a single can of this Delimondo corned beef being sold in SM, Robinson's and 7-11 stores.

Jaka foods corporation
I came to know this corned beef because of comments in forums and Senyora Santibañez page. I tried to buy one and then....I'll just post my review later. :)

Many don't have a clue that the manufacturing company behind this corned beef, JAKA Food processing corporation is owned by Juan Ponce Enrile and currently, his daughter, Katrina, is the CEO of JAKA Group. I came to know this information from my father and searched the web to confirm this.

Despite of knowing this, I cannot say where did the funds to start his company, JAKA corporation, came from. What I think is he's really guilty of graft and corruption and I don't think that he must be allowed to have a bail for the reason that he is very old. Come on! he is really though to make this crime because he knows Filipinos are very "maawain" (tender hearted) and I find this unacceptable. Ehem.. so my advice to the thieves, just run for a public seat or steal millions of pesos so you can still have a comfortable life being sentenced by the court wandering outside prison cells or staying in a vacation house. The best advice that I can recommend is to bribe the jail guards, public officials and the court. (Okay my sarcasm ends here).

This is what you are waiting for, my review for this corned beef. 

Reviewing this Delimondo corned beef.
My sister's own recipe. corned beef combined with egg, garnished with cabbage leaf and whipped with mayonnaise.
Sorry if I weren't able to capture an image in its raw form. Anyway, I heated this food first through cooking it in a frying pan. I tried eating this without rice and then.. boom! The Delimondo Ranch Style corned beef flavor tastes good and not salty unlike eating Argentina corned beef where it tastes good with rice but not on eating it solo.

Still, to have a greater dining experience, eat this with rice. I bought this at 110 pesos. The food is very delicious and not so dry nor not so wet but a bit expensive. 


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