Ginza Bairin Kurobuta tonkatsu

I ate yesterday at the newest japanese restaurant in Trinoma. The Ginza Bairin katsu restaurant in Trinoma will give its first 100 customers a P500 gift card and it can be used on the next visit. The waiter greeted me and told me that they will give me a gift card because I was included on their first 100 tables served. Since I posted before a Yabu review in this website, I wanted to try this katsu restaurant.

Ginza Bairin Trinoma

Ginza Bairin menu

Ginza Bairin price list

The kurobuta katsu rosu set here costs 595 pesos while in Yabu as I remember it was 590 pesos for 120 grams. Hmmm... I'll wait and see if it can surpass Yabu's kurobuta set. It was Saturday and many folks dined there. As I observed the surroundings, it was good and exuded the Japanese culture appeal but Yabu's ambiance was better and larger.

Ginza Bairin Philippines

But wait.. I like this area, it's like you are in a simple japanese ramen house. Because of this, I decided to stay there.

Ginza Bairin Quezon City

These are sauces, spices and condiments on the table. While in Yabu, the waiter will explain the ways of using these for the katsu, here in Ginza Bairin, they have a guide for these.

Himalayan salt

Katsu sauce

The menu includes the history of this restaurant, clicking these pictures will help you read further.

At last, my ordered Kurobuta Rosu Katsu set comes here:

Ginza Bairin review

The set includes unlimited rice, fruits, japanese pickles, cabbage and miso soup. You can also read my Yabu review so you can compare the meals. I just noticed that the pickles in Yabu is more on a reddish purple color. 

Since I ate alone, I cannot emerge the tofu and the leaves in the miso soup.

Here it is.
I asked the waitress if how many grams does this tonkatsu possess. She said it is 120 grams. 

Ginza Bairin Trinoma review

Eating Ginza Bairin kurobuta rosu tonkatsu

Ginza Bairin restaurant

You can watch the actual meal here:




The kurobuta katsu here looks smaller than in Yabu or it's just that Yabu's kurobuta tonkatsu is wider. By the way, the meal's very delicious and I want more. The staff and the manager were accommodating. I saw this promo:

Ginza Bairin japanese restaurant

Since I cannot connect to Ginza Bairin's WiFi, I just tried my WiFi connection, I showed the picture to the waitress and I was glad I'll have a taste of their ice cream.

This ice cream's filled with black sesame seeds. Its taste is similar to hopia mongo.

I want to have another scoop but I just thought I'll forget about it and I don't want to spend impulsively to a scoop of ice cream.

The managers asked me if the food's good and I said yes because it really tasted good and the service was good and they have the feedback form just like in Shakey's.

It happened that in terms of ambiance, condiments, service and side dishes, Yabu's better. In terms of the kurobuta, they were the same. Regarding promos, I like Ginza Bairin more. 

If you are in Trinoma, you don't need to go in SM North just to eat Tonkatsu. Ginza Bairin and yabu have the same quality food. On other aspects, it's up to you if which of the two will you choose.

Rating for Ginza Bairin: 

Ginza Bairin telephone contact number

Ginza Bairin has three branches.
Level 1, Garden Restaurants
EDSA cor., North Ave., Q.C.

UP Town Center
Ground Floor, Katipunan Ave., Q.C.

Glorietta 2
Ground Floor (along Palm Drive)
Ayala Center, Makati City

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