You read the title right. Nodasho 野田 or のだ庄 in Little Tokyo, Makati is the best japanese restaurant out there. We ate before at Izakaya Kikufuji this year and food there was delicious especially the ebi tempura but when I taste Nodasho's ebi tempura, I thought that the latter's better.

Little Tokyo is a place where you can find authentic japanese restaurants built by the Japanese community/expats (besides Japantown in Davao). I made this Nodasho review for you to be aware what's inside this restaurant and it's up to you what restaurant you'll choose in Little Tokyo.

It is located in Pasong Tamo, Makati. You'll see the Little Tokyo sign beside Seryna, a big japanese restaurant.

I assume that you did a Google search image before on Little Tokyo but I'll show you a pic on how Little Tokyo's front looks like when you are looking for it.

Little Tokyo location

A tour inside Little Tokyo:

We are now here at Nodasho:

Nodasho front

I can't read all of this
Nodasho japanese restaurant

Nodasho's crew were busy serving customers during this daylight. There were reading materials including japanese comic books for customers to enjoy while waiting. Sake (japanese rice wine) were also served there.

japanese rice wine sake collection in makati

Japanese green tea
Even the interiors were old, I can still feel that we were in Japan because of the petite clean rooms for eating. Diners will sit on the floor with zabuton (japanese cushion for sitting).

Under the table, there's a deep part where you can place your legs and feet so you don't have to cross your legs while sitting. Sliding doors in each small room are a plus so diners can get a privacy.

Since there's privacy, we enjoyed looking at the price list/menu, taking our family pictures, chatting our would-be vacation, etc. Green Tea was served first.

Japanese Green tea Philippines

After minutes of waiting, California Maki is here to be ravished.

Reviewing Nodasho maki

Nodasho's price of this California Maki is 200. The quality of maki is superb. Better than the ones in BGC (I am also referring to Keizo). The rice wasn't easily crushed or dispersed and wasn't hard either. Upon eating, I can feel the softness of the rice and the deliciousness of the crab eggs on the top. Mayonnaise was so yummy.

Eating california maki in Nodasho

Nodasho uses US beef on Beef Shichirin. It costs 700.

Looking at Nodasho price list

One of the most well-known japanese foods, the Chicken teriyaki for P300.

And the most in demand, Ebi tempura for Php 420

eating ebi tempura little tokyo

The coating sticks to the shrimp and vegetables. This dish wasn't only delicious and easy to bite but wasn't also oily.

You can enjoy these foods served above by ordering a cup of japanese rice for a price of 60 pesos. Very expensive neee... Japanese rice here is tasty but if you are eating in groups, just bring a packed rice.

The last serving is Shoyu ramen.

This ramen looks dull and boring at first than those served in ramen houses. Even though it didn't taste like soy sauce since it's shoyu (japanese soy sauce),  Try it! You'll love it for sure. Price for this is 280. The serving is in medium size for 3 people.

There's a bell (the one used by mamang sorbetero, pinoy term for ice cream peddler) that you can use to call the staff. Overall, the service was okay.

We were very satisfied with Nodasho. Not only the food was great but also the ambiance of Little Tokyo where you can feel that you are in Tokyo, Japan, a mini different world within Metro Manila.


Unit 14 Little Tokyo, 2277 Chino Roces Avenue 1200, Makati City
(02) 840 2741

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