Having coffe at Kopitiam

Here it is! My first food post overseas from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore restaurants, snacks and eateries. After we arrived from Kuala Lumpur Airport, rode a taxi and after that, a mini van going to hotel, we hurriedly eat something at an Indian eatery beside Prescott Hotel. Correct me if I'm wrong. The name of that Indian eatery is Klassik Sup Farrhan's. I did not have an opportunity to take pictures.

Don't worry, we came back again to that eatery after our Singapore trip and I'll share the pictures on my upcoming posts. I'll make a review first about Kopitiam.

Since Pinay Food Junkie is my unique food diary, I posted and shared my whole Kuala Lumpur and Singapore trip on another site. If you would like to know more about Malaysia and Singapore travel tips and costs, Please visit my Ivbeentherebeta travelstream at


Ivbeenthere is a nice travel blog and is still on its beta version. For me, it is a good social media travel blog because you can post your travel adventure or what they call "creating a travelstream" right now without worrying about the characters you type. Plus! You can mark your travel posts into categories such as Reviews, Tips and Blogs.

Tip: If you'll be travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by bus, buy mineral water and some snacks already in Kuala Lumpur and bring these to Singapore so you'll save more. The immigration did not restrict visitors on bringing food there. Food (actually the cost of living) in Singapore is very expensive.

Please read or browse my travelstream to know the chronological events of my KL and SG travel. Also, I'll post my travel details with more pictures soon at sarisaringisip.blogspot.com

Anyway, we just left our things in the hotel and travelled to Singapore by train and bus. It took us 5-6 hours of travel, arriving morning already in Singapore. After Woodlands Checkpoint and when we reached MRT (Singapore), we decided to have our breakfast at Kopitiam near MRT.

A look at Kopitiam MRT Singapore

The good thing was... even small food stores and eateries were closed in the morning, Kopitiam was there! When we entered, it was like a food court or a big cafeteria. Of all the food counters, the main one on the front is the only open place to serve people's breakfast cravings.

In terms of this place's atmosphere, it's not so clean just like the average food courts and fast foods and it had an oily smell. Overall, this place was still decent and had bright lights. Also, I like smelling the coffee aroma that surrounds us.

There are load stations situated but I don't know if those were functioning well.

We ordered 2 coffees, a sandwich, 2 slices of bread and 2 raw eggs. Honestly, I thought those 2 raw eggs were boiled eggs because it is unusual in my home country to serve raw eggs.

The price for all of this was SGD 4.60 or currently around PHP 149-150. Food stalls outside were cheaper but as I said earlier, those were close :( If these were open, I want to try milk teas and rice.

The coffees had thick texture and tasted more like chocolate instead of coffee beans.

Eggs served as dipper for bread slices. Those were more delicious than the white eggs we have at home.


Bread and spreads

I cannot tell if the spreads were made or margarine or butter. The sure thing was, it's tasty.

Oops! We have to clean up our table but I cannot remember if we returned the trays and plates to the counter or we just set these on the rightmost side of the table. If I'll be going back to Singapore, I'll don't hesitate to come back and eat again in this place. 

There will be more SG and KL food posts coming!


Near MRT going to Dhoby Ghaut
Open: 24 hours (as I know)

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